Patterns in Knitting

One thing I love about patterns is they are not limited to one medium. You can create patterns in almost any art form: paint, colored pencils, paper cut outs, weaving, embroidery, and knitting!

I learned a lot about knitting when I worked at Craftsy, and I really enjoy time spent with yarn and needles. I thought I would share my pattern lover’s view of knitting: the various ways you can create patterns in knitting and some of my favorite knitting patterns.

Mosaic knitting

Many mosaic knitting motifs were discovered by Barbara Walker. Mosaic knitting uses slipped stitches to create the designs. I got one of Barbara Walker’s books from my local library and knitted swatches of a few patterns.

My favorite motif is the wave and box stitch pattern that I knitted up in a golden yellow color. I would like to make a sweater with this design some day!

The TATTER textile library invited knitters from around the world to knit swatches of Barbara Walker’s designs. You can read more and see photos from the project here.

I first learned about mosaic knitting from the Purl Soho blanket (pattern here) that is based on the red and white design in the photo above.

Stranded colorwork

Stranded colorwork knitting means you are knitting with two colors of yarn at a time, like in the Tecumseh sweater or the Cartography sweater. I really enjoy this knitting technique and I think it produces really beautiful sweaters! It is kind of like pixel art but with knit stitches.


Lace knitting means you create eyelet holes in a pretty pattern, like the popular leafy baby blanket, which I’ve made twice! To keep the same number of stitches per row, the yarn over stitches (which create a new stitch) are balanced by decrease stitches (like knit 2 together). Arranged in a certain way, these stitches can create beautiful motifs, like these leaves:

Leafy baby blanket

Clever stitchwork

I’m not sure if this geometric blanket falls into any knitting category, since the triangle motif is created with just knits and purls!

Embossed triangles blanket

What are your favorite patterned knitting patterns? Please share in the comments!


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