Behind the Fall 2020 Collection

I create all of my patterns with paint and paper, mixing the gouache into custom colors and cutting out shapes by hand. I have a better intuition for spacing and rhythm when working by hand than on a computer. The patterns in my Fall 2020 collection are no exception. They all started out by hand, and then I scanned and edited the patterns to create digital versions.

This collection is an exploration of circles, squares, and botanicals.

Buenos Aires

This design was inspired by a sidewalk design I saw in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With quarter circles you can make so many interesting layouts: circles, arches, and these wavy lines.

Floral Waves

This design was inspired by marbled paper. I was thinking about the wavy, undulating lines you could create with marbling.

Ship Shape

I have always loved the playfulness of circles and squares. Many years ago I made a piece of pottery with this same circle and square repeat.

My love of circles and squares goes way back, this pottery circa 2014.

And I reinterpreted this pattern as a paper cut out collage.

Sumi Ink Flowers

I painted these flowers with sumi ink that I learned about in a Japanese calligraphy workshop. The petals look like they are floating on a pond. I then added cut out shapes on top to add some color and geometry to the composition.

Aster Tiles

I painted these flowers with a thin, flat brush, and I think they look like Asters. This is one of my earlier pieces where I started painting a motif and then cutting it up to create a new composition.

The color I used for the digital version was inspired by this photo of a Japanese tea house by jpellgen on Flickr.

Inside the Shokin-tei
Photo of Shokin-tei tea house at Katsura Rikyu by jpellgen on Flickr.

Woven Arches 

This design came about after cutting out several U-shapes and arranging them in different ways. This interlocking design was very compelling to me. I added some fun flowers to give the piece more color and joy.

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